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Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors

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Simplex® TrueAlarm photoelectric detectors provide many of the proven TrueAlarm analog sensing features for applications where detectors are connected to conventional 2-wire or 4-wire initiating device circuits (IDCs). Each TrueAlarm detector has an on-board microprocessor that evaluates its photoelectric light scattering chamber activity and makes an intelligent decision based on light obscuration history as to whether an alarm condition is present.

TrueAlarm detectors are packaged in a patented housing that minimizes the visibility of the air intake louvers from the normal viewing locations while maintaining a high performance smoke capture ability†. Bases are available for remote alarm LED indicator connections and auxiliary relay outputs


More Info, please download datasheet bellow:

Download datasheet(4098-9601-smoke Detector-Convensional)