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QA12 Conventional Panel

QA12 Conventional Panel

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  • Model range from 1 to 32 zones.
  • AC power supply has EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).
  • Each zone has a separate disable function.
  • Double sets of sounder contacts.
  • Automatic telephone dialer feature.
  • Long-term or temporary silencing feature.
  • Protection against voltage spikes up to 2.5KV.
  • Microprocessor-base design.
  • Sounder short circuit or disconnection detection.
  • Fire Alarm NO, NC, COM and Fault NO, NC, COM output contact points.
  • Fire Relay Output contacts and Fault Relay Output contacts.
  • Switch membrane provides longer service and is waterproof, dust resistant and easy to clean.



AH-03312 Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

Model AH-03312-32L AH-03312-8L AH-03312-4L
Zone 32 Zone 8 Zone 4 Zone
Power 220V AC/50Hz  *Others also available
Battery Capacity 24V/12Ah 24V/7Ah 24V/4Ah
Max. Output Current 2A @24V DC
# of heat detectors connected No limit  *Except electronic-type
# of smoke detectors connected 30/zone  *Horing Lih manufactured
Max. No. of Bells @25mA 40 per sounder circuit
End of Line Resistor 4.7kΩ    *One per zone
Material 1.2mm steel plate
Dimensions(mm) H x W x D 550 x 400 x 150 370 x 340 x 135 320 x 250 x 100
Optional Features LCD display (2x20) with function keypad N/A


Effective Alert Area

Construction/Height Under 4M 4M ~ 8M
Fire-proof Building 90 M2 45 M2
Ordinary Building 50 M2 30 M2

Order Information 

Q06-2 2-wire
Q06-3 3-wire with remote indicator output
Q06-4 4-wire with relay output


Catalogue :

AH-03312 Catalogue

Manual :

AH-03312 Manual

Certificate :

AH-03312 Certificate