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The O3-DIN-CPU is a fully programmable native BACnet® building controller. As the primary integration engine of the O3 system, the O3-DIN-CPU contains memory storage and external communication ports, as well as the control logic for the expansion modules. The O3-DIN-CPU can support up to 12 expansion modules.

The O3-DIN-CPU supports multiple communication methods, including BACnet/IP, BACnet over Ethernet, BACnet MS/TP and Delta LINKnet.


The O3 system is a complete solution that combines HVAC, access control and lighting control in a modular system. It combines multiple protocols and I/O points in one unit.

The O3 system improves room control, avoids duplicate devices and offers a satisfying occupant experience at a lower energy cost.


More Info, please download datasheet bellow:

Download datasheet DIN-CPU_Catalog_Sheet