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Delta Control - Software

Delta Control - Software

BACnet IP/Modbus RTU Gateway BAC-1002M

BAC-1002M is a hardware gateway with one ethernet and two serial ports for Modbus RTU devices only. All devices standard Modbus or some non-standard Modbus protocol to converted into standard BACnet IP and enable users can read & Write points in Modbus device by BACnet system. Number of Registers is dynamic, each register can be builded up to 256 points.

DOW-340: ORCAview

ORCAview is an industry leading operator workstation software package that combines an intuitive graphical user interface with powerful, easy-to-use facility management tools.

ORCAview includes a three-dimensional animated graphics tool for displaying real-time building information, and an intuitive object-oriented Navigator to monitor operational parameters, modify schedules, create custom programs, manage alarms, and view trend logs.

ORCAview uses BACnet IP to communicate over wide area networks including the Internet or intranets to any building or site. BACnet over Ethernet and BACnet MS/TP are used to communicate to local area networks.

BACnet PTP may be used to connect to any Delta Systems Controller either directly or via modem for remote site-wide access.

Several optional software packages expand ORCAview’s capabilities to provide unparalleled facilities management solutions. Easily create intuitive, custom system graphics with the Illustrator option. Use the optional Historian package to archive and preserve years of trend log and alarm data in a SQL database. Connect the entire building automation network to business-level applications with the optional ODBC driver.


enteliWEB is a web-based application that connects all your facilities and centralizes building management operations, site engineering and energy analytics.

View your building your way by creating your own personal dashboards. Whether you are an executive, an energy manager or a building operator, the user experience in enteliWEB can be tailored to meet your exact needs.

  • Energy Analytics inside of enteliWEB enables you to turn the existing data and sensors inside your building into virtual meters, and manage energy consumption down to the zone and equipment level. This software-based approach gives you a complete level of knowledge at a fraction of the cost of installing sub-meters.
  • Engineering Tools in enteliWEB allow you to create, edit and save objects, modify system graphics and back up databases from a single modern-looking front-end.
  • Centralize Facility Management and make it easy to integrate scheduling, alarm management and operations. Connect to all of your buildings under a single login without having to network everything together. Track all building automation system (BAS) changes by service personnel, partner technicians and facility managers in enteliWEB.


More Info, please download datasheet bellow:

Download datasheet BAC-1002M

Download datasheet DOW-340

Download datasheet enteliWEB_49_Catalog_Sheet