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Annunciators TrueSite Workstations

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Network Annunciation. TrueSite Workstations provide annunciation, status display, and control for Simplex Fire Alarm Networks using a personal computer based graphical interface with a high resolution, color display. Response buttons with realistic icons provide control switches specific to the operation being performed.

Remote Clients. For remote viewing of TrueSite Workstation Server information, remote clients are available and connected using TCP/IP LAN/WAN Ethernet communications. As detailed on pages 7 and 10, Remote Clients can be annunciation only, or capable of system control when configured with agency listed hardware.

DACR Compatible. For systems requiring information from remote control panels via DACTs (Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitters) or IP communicators, workstations can be equipped to communicate directly with a compatible DACR; refer to page 6 for details

More Info, Please download datashhet bellow:

Download datasheet(4603-9101 (LCD Anunciator)