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Electronic Heat Detectors

Electronic Heat Detectors

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Accurate Electronic Design. Simplex® electronic heat detectors use a fast response, thermistor based design to provide temperature sensing that quickly, accurately, and consistently identifies when fixed temperatures are exceeded. The fixed temperature sensing thermistor readily tracks the local ambient temperature. This eliminates the time required to melt a lead pellet or heat a bimetallic element as occurs in mechanical heat detector designs and provides the required heat detection for most applications.

Applications Reference

Heat detectors are used where property protection is desired and where life safety protection is not required or is performed by other equipment. Typical heat detector applications are satisfied by use of these fixed temperature electronic detectors.

The addition of rate-of-rise operation provides two forms of heat detection for use where temperature fluctuations are controlled and are less than 6° F/min (3.33° C/min). Where temperatures may fluctuate more quickly, use fixed temperature detection.

Refer to NFPA 72®, the National Fire Alarm Code® and publication 574-709, 4098 Detectors, Sensors, and Bases Application Manual, for additional guidance in applying and locating heat detectors.


More Info, please download datasheet bellow:

Download datasheet(4098-9612)

Download datasheet(4098-0007)

Download datasheet(4098-9794)

Download datasheet(4099-9004-9006 (Addressable MCP))