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4100/4120-0113, 4100-6038 Dual RS-232/2120 Modules Dual RS-232/2120 Modules

There are two models of the dual RS-232/2120 module.

  • 4100/4120-0113 – used for systems with 2975-91xx Back Boxes (4100).
  • 4100-6038 – used for systems with 2975-94xx Back Boxes (4100U and 4100ES).
Both models do the following to the Fire Alarm Control Panel:
  • Connect a Simplex 2120 FACP to a 4100 system, using either an 18 AWG (0.8231 mm2) hardwired connection (maximum distance 10,000 feet [3,048 m]) or FSK-type modems.
  • Connect devices with a standard RS-232 interface such as an AC or DC Printer, CRT, third-party computer, or GCC to the 4100.


    More Info, please download datasheet bellow:

    Download datasheet RS232 SIMPLEX - Installation Instructions